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Attention Southern Windsor County: Recycle Your Used Batteries and Save Our Landfill

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Have you been throwing the used batteries from your remote controls, flashlights or toys into the trash?
Stop! Until recently that was acceptable in Vermont. However, since Jan. 1, 2016, the State has added single-use batteries (alkaline or primary like AA, AAA, 9v, etc.) to the list of accepted recyclables. 

What does this change mean for you as a resident? That you can now recycle most household batteries at your closest transfer station. This includes rechargeable batteries which have been accepted since the mid-1990s.

Expanding battery recycling to include single-use batteries is a direct result of a product stewardship law the Vermont legislature passed in May 2014. The law (H. 695) makes Vermont the first US state to require single-use battery manufacturers that sell batteries in the state to pay for their collection and recycling. Manufacturers have voluntarily recycled rechargeable batteries since 1994. Under the program, battery recycling is free of charge for residents.   rechargeable batteries

Since the law went into effect, the District has seen a jump in its single-use battery collections. The highest collection rate goes to the largest transfer station, Springfield, with a threefold increase in collections over all of 2015. Rechargeables have also seen an uptick.   Power tool battery

Residents who visit the Springfield station will see a custom-built battery shed with separate compartments for different battery types. Employee Dan Farrar built the shed several years ago when local residents became frustrated by the lack of recycling for single-use batteries. “Intuitively people don’t feel good about throwing away batteries. They know there is value and materials should be reused,” said Mary O’Brien, recycling coordinator for the District.  Hearing aid batteries

In addition to transfer stations, Vermont residents can drop off their batteries at a Call2Recycle collection site; 96% of Vermonters have a site within 10 miles of their homes. Call2Recycle, Inc., North America’s largest consumer battery stewardship organization, is overseeing the state-wide program on behalf of manufacturers. Call2Recycle uses a network of recyclers who extract usable chemicals and metals for use in manufacturing new batteries, stainless steel and cement additives.

Lithium cell batteries or coin batteries         

You can find out more about what batteries are accepted and how they are recycled by clicking on the links on the Call2Recycle web site.

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