Educational Grant Program

As part of its Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP), the District is charged with promoting recycling and resource conservation in local schools.To that end, the District has created an educational grant program to encourage solid waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting in District schools.Prior to applying for a grant, schools should enroll in the School Recycling Club through the Northeast Resource Recovery Association ( A teacher or administrator may apply for a District grant of up to $250.00 annually.The grant would be doubled by the District to $500.00 if the school also pledges $250.00 for its proposed project (making a total of $750.00 for the project).


In 500 words or less, the grant proposal should outline a solid waste management idea that is:

·sustainable and

·introduces or increases solid waste recycling or composting in the school or

·introduces the concepts of solid waste recycling and composting in the curriculum


Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Grant applications may be mailed to:


Attn:  Mary T. O'Brien
P. O. Box 320
Ascutney, VT  05030



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